In return for an annual fee, members are allocated points which can be traded for days in different cars throughout their membership year. In addition, the club arranges numerous events, parties and experiences – some of which are free to members and some of which are charged separately.

There is a one-off joining fee of £1,950 which covers car insurance and a one-day Supercar Driving Awareness Course. Members can add another authorised driver for a fee of £1,950 for family members or £3,000 for a non-family member. As long as you keep your membership active, your points will never expire. Wildcards are used to book cars more than 30 days in advance. Monthly payment options are also available.

Membership of ELITE 600 is by application. The club consists of members from all over the world who share a number of common objectives – to have access to a collection of the world’s best supercars, to have fun living a supercar lifestyle and to meet other successful and interesting people. Once your application is accepted and you have completed the one-day Supercar Driving Awareness Course, you will have immediate and full access to our collection of cars.



Gold VIP Member
  • 350 Points
  • Super Car Driving Awareness Course
  • £15,000 Per Annum
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Silver Card

  • 2000 Platinum Points
  • Super Car Driving Awareness Course
  • Special VIP Passes
  • Access to our Level 1 cars
  • £35,000 Per Annum
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