Strictly 60 Members
Per Country

In order to preserve the exclusivity of this Club, we have decided to keep the maximum number of members to 60 per country.

ELITE600 membership costs a fraction of the price of supercar, yacht or villa ownership and allows you to enjoy our entire collection of services without having to factor in the costs of maintenance, servicing, insurance or depreciation.

Our personal concierge service ensures that your choice of car is delivered or ready for collection whenever you require it, making your ELITE600 experience as relaxed and convenient as possible.

By becoming an ELIET600 member, you will also be invited to the many exclusive events on our packed calendar, giving you the opportunity to network with other members, many of whom are high profile industry leaders, entrepreneurs and successful business owners.

We also offer a supercar procurement service, and we are typically able to negotiate significant discounts for members wishing to purchase their own cars. Indeed, the discounts we usually achieve are greater than the price of membership.

We have three types of membership available, each of which has different benefits and number of points included.